As leading loading solutions provider Joloda Hydraroll embarks on its 60th year of trading, it has a wealth of rich heritage and experience to reflect upon. It is this niche knowledge and exceptional focus on customer service that has ensured the company is still world-class after so many decades.

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60 Years On And Still Investing In Home Grown Talent Lewis

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The future, however, is where the company’s true focus is. And nothing is more critical to success in the next 60 years and beyond than the talent that Joloda Hydraroll employs and more importantly, grows from within.

For the last 10 years, Joloda Hydraroll has invested significantly in its apprenticeship training programme. First set up in 2012, the team are proud to have supported a number of apprentices achieve their full potential and qualify under the scheme.

Lewis Blease is one such apprentice who has recently completed a BTEC Level 3 engineering diploma with the support of the business. Here, he shares his thoughts on why pursued an apprenticeship, why Joloda Hydraroll was the right fit for him and his ambitions for the future.

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Lewis, what was important to you about undertaking an apprenticeship?

For me, it was the blend of wanting to ensure I had some structured education-based learning behind me whilst also being able to gain real-time work in the industry. I know I learn best by understanding the theory then having the chance to ‘have a go’ myself. An employer-sponsored apprenticeship supports this combination brilliantly, with the added benefit of also being able to bring home a wage.

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what attracted you to Joloda Hydraroll?

Joloda Hydraroll has an amazing reputation in the engineering industry and as one of the largest and most successful companies in Anglesey, near where I’m based, it was a natural first choice. I was also lucky to know someone who works there and could talk to me about the culture and ambition of the company, all of which supported my thinking that there would be some great opportunities there for me. After some online research and speaking to a couple of people as part of the interview process, I knew I was making the right decision.

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how did you find the blend of classroom and on-the-job learning?

This learning style was absolutely great for me. I meant I could apply what I was learning in the classroom every day at work with Joloda Hydraroll. Equally, I learnt so much every day just by actually doing the job and being supported by my colleagues and I was able to then apply this practical knowledge to the theory we were being taught at college – which was great when it was one of those things that you needed to experience to really ‘get it’. My manager and colleagues in Joloda Hydraroll have been hugely supportive of my training and ensured I had the time, space and access to support to help me thrive. I found the apprenticeship scheme they offered a very good balance working four days a week and in college 1-day a week.

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what are you hoping to achieve following the completion of your apprenticeship?

I’ve been really fortunate with Joloda Hydraroll that they have continued really open conversations with me about ‘what next' so that they can continue to support me in the right way. For example, having completed by BTEC with a double distinction, Joloda Hydraroll is now supporting me to complete a 2-year engineering HND which will benefit not just my career but also the skill level I can bring to my day-to-day work.

After the next course, I hope to continue learning and applying my knowledge within the industry so that I can deliver in every area of Joloda Hydraroll engineering, whether that’s maintenance, installation or servicing. If I’m honest, I want to make myself irreplaceable because of the exceptional level of skill and customer service I can bring!

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what are your top three tips for anyone thinking about an apprenticeship?

  1. Make sure you’ve thought through the industry you’re going into and that you’ll enjoy the work – this means you’ll be eager to learn and want to help, which will get you much more respect from your peers and leaders.
  2. Push yourself; don’t go to work every day during your apprenticeship feeling like you are not learning. It’s very easy to fall into the hole of just doing your day-to-day duties and end up being bored of it. If you push yourself and go above and beyond then the company will respect you more and give you better opportunities to further progress in your career.
  3. Being polite and professional, and demonstrating that you’re invested in your own growth and development, goes a long way when wanting to progress in your career. You will gain trust from the management, and they will also respect you. Look for ways to stand out by bringing new ideas and learning the ‘right’ way, not the easy way.

apprenticeship summary

Lewis is a shining example of knowing what he wants to achieve and how he wants to get there.

Joloda Hydraroll is also proud to still employ one of its very first apprentices, who started out at the Anglesey site 40-years ago and who is now a senior member of the team with Joloda Hydraroll.

If you’re exploring apprenticeships and would like to find out more about Joloda Hydraroll’s apprentice programme then reach out to the team and let the team help lighten the load of your next steps.

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