what are modular rollerbed loading solutions for warehouses?

Streamline your air cargo handling with Joloda Hydraroll’s modular rollerbed solutions. Upgrade your warehouse into a ULD handling station, and improve safety and efficiency, in just a day.

Our modular rollerbed solutions are simply placed on top of the concrete floor and fixed with screws, with the option to remove at a later date. The system can readily incorporate a MK15 balljoint rollertrack making ULD's easy to move in all directions with minimum effort. 

Excel Line 28 Excel Line 28

why choose modular rollerbed solution for your warehouse?

  • Upgrade your air cargo warehouse to a ULD handling station in just a day
  • Load air cargo pallets in and off trucks in minutes without forklift
  • Handle all known air cargo pallets and containers
  • Place the Modular Rollerbed on top of warehouse floor quickly and easily
  • No civil work required and no additional costs to the building structure
  • Ideal for temporary usage in rented or leased warehouses
  • Pneumatic rise and fall rollerbed
  • Modular design for endless layout variations


MRS For Warehouse, E Stop MRS For Warehouse, E Stop

who should use this loading solution?

The solution is ideal businesses handling and warehousing air cargo, that are in rented or leased premises and in need of a quick and efficient solution. Our system is flexible and can be utilised in any size of warehouse. 

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Creating lighter loads for Amsterdam’s Bonded Services

Find out how we got Bonded Services rolling more efficiently with our modular rollerbed system for warehouses.

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