what are modular rollerbed loading solutions for trailers & trucks?

Load your trailers the safer, simpler way with Joloda Hydraroll’s modular rollerbed solutions.

Featuring a pre-installed frame that fits easily onto your trailer floor, our standard trailer & track systems can be equipped in a matter of hours.

Designed to streamline the loading process, the system uses pneumatically raised rollers which are only engaged during loading and unloading.

So you can benefit from faster, more efficient loading, and secure transit for your goods.   


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why choose a modular roller bed loading solution for trailers & trucks?

  • Transform any trailer to a rollerbed vehicle within hours
  • Low investment; convert standard equipment into special rollerbed equipment;
  • Short delivery times allow our users to respond quickly on increasing demands;
  • Quick installation time guarantees minimum stand-still time;
  • No permanent vehicle modifications required;
  • The MRS concept is suitable for all vehicles with a flat floor;
  • Upgrade your existing fleet to rollerbed specifications;
  • Fleet renewal without having to sell rollerbed equipment to potential competition; simply re-use the MRS floor in the replacement trucks or trailers;
  • 100% safety due to the Auto down system: up when loading or unloading/ auto-down when in transit!
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who should use this loading solution?

This solution ideal for anyone with an existing trailer or a refrigerated trailer. It offers airfreight operators added options to buy, hire, contract or operate standard box trailers, curtain siders or reefers. It’s the perfect alternative to avoid long lead times, high costs, bespoke-build units – or to respond to seasonal peaks and sudden demand.

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