what are container loading solutions?

This manual loading system loads a container in one shot.

Comprising a skate train to suit the load length with 28 ton capacity, skates run down galvanised steel track, which is placed both on the loading platform and onto the container floor. The track is elevated by a hydraulic pump, lifting the skate, which then raises the load clear of the platform deck. The ‘live’ load can then be easily rolled into the container.


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why choose a container loading solution?

  • No need for expensive top or side loading containers
  • Container stuffing of up to 28 tons pre-assembled load in 15 minutes
  • Portable system can be re-used or transferred to other loading/unloading points
  • No modification required to standard ISO containers
  • Gravity aided self-loading; no power required
  • Continuous operator control, instant breaking to stop the load
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who should use this loading solution?

The container loading system can be used by anyone who loads a container with steel pipes, steel fabrication, wood or aluminium coils. It is also widely used for loading and export of large pieces of machinery.

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proper shipping container loading and preparation

Sea container loading comes with a couple of requirements to ensure safe container loading during the ocean freight process. Consider the following steps for efficient container loading:

  • Find out the exact amount of cargo you’re loading in advance, and make arrangements as to the order they would be shipped.
  • Move packages from one place to another quickly with a container loading conveyor and non-motorized tools.
  • Consider how the container will be unloaded. If possible, load containers with important items near the doors.
  • Confirm the maximum weight limits of your containers, as well as the transport methods you’ll use and the tare weight.

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