what are container loading solutions?

Loading and unloading containers can be hard work. These big loads require heavy-duty lifting equipment and efficient transport methods. While a forklift is capable of lifting heavy loads, relying on this method alone can often lead to wasted time and resources.

Joloda Hydraroll offers automatic and manual container systems that load and unload containers from trucks in a matter of minutes.

types of container loading solutions

Container Lifting System

Container Loading Systems

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why choose a container loading solution?

  • Limit the use of forklifts and reduces the cost of their upkeep
  • Make one-man operations possible
  • Increase truck and container turnaround rates
  • Increase efficiency while keeping operational costs at a minimum
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who should use this loading solution?

Our container loading system gives crews greater control over the placement of palletised and un-palletised cargo going into container vans. It works for pieces of machinery, air cargo containers, drums, coils and other sizable products, filling a container with up to 28 tonnes of pre-assembled loads in just 15 minutes.

The Joloda Hydraroll container lifting system is a safer and more cost-effective method of unloading shipping container vans from trucks. Its four jacks can lift containers weighing up to 35 tonnes off and onto trucks.

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Increasing savings and productivity for VCK Logistics

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automated loading systems

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Effortless Container Loading

Make one man operations possible and increase efficiency.

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No Time Wasted

Save time loading and unloading containers, with a 20 minute turnaround.

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Versatile Loading and Unloading System

Limits the use of forklifts, load containers from the back, portable systems.

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