what are skate & track loading solutions?

Moving pallets or paper reels? This manual truck pallet loading and unloading solution easily shifts heavy loads using pairs of manually operated rolling skates in special sunken tracks.

These tracks are elevated to safely lift the load and roll in or out of your truck or van.

Ideal for moving pallets, slipsheets, drums, newsprint rolls, heavy and large machinery into or out of trucks and light vehicles, the Skate and Track is a cost-effective manual alternative to an automatic loading system. Operators can simply push pallets inside the truck to load, or pull them towards the rear to unload with minimal effort.

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why choose a skate & track loading solution?

  • Skates can lift and load up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Fast and easy handling without the use of forklifts
  • Maximum space utilisation and no product damage
  • Fail-safe system with front and rear safety brakes
  • Minimum maintenance – a self-cleaning system
  • 250,000 systems operating in over 30 countries worldwide for over 50 years
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who should use this loading solution?

The Skate and Track loading system can be used by businesses that deal with manageable quantities of material, and have no need for heavy-duty automatic loading systems. The solution suits any transporter who only has the option of rear loading, and requires a manual trailer loading system.

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Effortless Truck Loading

One person can man this system with minimal effort, but when handling palletised loads and other heavy containers, a forklift operator can also serve as backup.

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No Time Wasted

Upon a vehicle’s arrival, operators can immediately begin unloading by pulling the pallets towards the mouth of the truck.

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Versatile Loading and Unloading System

Available in various lengths, pairs of skates allow crews to handle all sizes of pallets and containers.

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Faster, more efficient loading for Taplanes

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