what are powered cargo roller loading solutions?

Loading and unloading AKE's and aircargo pallets in and out of trucks - why not do it with the press of a button?  The system comprises of rise and fall DC 24V roller's used in combination with pneumatic rollertack and handles all flat bottomed ULD containers and transportation pallets up to 20,000 kgs with no product damage.

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why choose a powered cargo roller loading solution?

  • Loads aircargo containers automatically 
  • Provides a safer and more efficient means of loading and unloading aircargo
  • Eliminates side loading, pallets are loaded/unloaded automatically through the rear of the vehicle from a scissor conveyor
  • System retracts during transit providing load stability
  • Braked motor prevents roll out when power is not applied
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who should use a powered cargo roller loading solution?

The Powered Cargo Roller loading system can be used by any business wanting to move aircargo bins and pallets automatically and safely.  Our solution is also suitable for loading aero engines. 

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