what are modular rollerbed loading solutions?

Streamline your air cargo and block pallet handling with our modular rollerbed solutions – the flexible system that allows you to upgrade your trailer, van or warehouse in a day.

Load your air cargo pallets into and off trucks in minutes, without the use of a forklift, to improve safety and efficiency. Simply place the rollerbed on top of your trailer, van or warehouse floor to get rolling.

modular rollerbed solutions

Trailers & Trucks



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why choose a modular rollerbed loading solution?

  • Flexible and modular solutions for warehouses
  • Retrofit solutions for Aircargo & block pallets in trailers & trucks
  • Portable system can be removed and reinstalled
  • Vehicle/warehouse ready to go in a day

who should use this loading solution?

The system is ideal for major airports and other large businesses looking to streamline their loading systems. Our rollerbeds are portable, easy to install and work seamlessly with existing loading and unloading systems – making them the ideal choice for temporary usage in rented or leased trailers and warehouses.

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