what are rollertrack loading solutions?

Limited space and resource? Joloda Hydraroll Rollertrack systems could lighten your load.  

Handling materials using automatic roller track systems is necessary to achieve maximum efficiency in logistics and production lines. However, implementing a fully automatic loading system isn’t always possible.

For those with limited space or resource, the next best option is a hybrid system – offering a combination of manual and automatic loading solutions.

types of rollertrack loading solutions

fixed rollerbed system

Modular Rollerbed Systems

Powered Cargo Roller System

1Bi. Fixed Rollerbed 1Bi. Fixed Rollerbed

why choose a rollertrack loading solution?

  • Faster loading and unloading, especially for air cargo trailers and transport vessels
  • Products or cargoes are more secure
  • Reduced risks for drivers
  • Reduces the use of forklift trucks
MK24; Schuifzeiler 3 MK24; Schuifzeiler 3

who should use these loading solutions?

Our Rollertrack loading systems are ideal for businesses suffering from limited space or resource and those looking for a flexible retrofitted alternative. Combining a mix of manual and automatic loading systems allows for enhance production lines and logistics flows, regardless of industry.

Joloda Icon Lorry

Effortless Truck Loading

One person can man these systems with minimal effort.

Joloda Icon Stopwatch

No Time Wasted

Save time loading and unloading vehicles and moving goods around warehouses.

Joloda Icon Scales

Versatile Loading and Unloading System

Available as a fixed or modular system, our rollertrack is ultimately flexible to suit your needs.

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