what are container lifting solutions?

Need to lift heavy goods at ground level? This heavy duty loading system can lift up to 35 tonnes in weight.

Highly efficient and practical, the Joloda Hydraroll container lifting system is safe for single handed use – loading and unloading containers off and on to trucks for safe transportation. It consists of four independent electro-hydraulic jacks powered from a 440v 3 phase power supply, each being attached to a corner of the container using a 1 ton fork truck, before clipped onto the container castings.

Each jack links together so that the controls sync seamlessly for safe lifting and lowering – to make for a truly flexible solution that can be used anywhere.

DSC 0241B DSC 0241B

why choose a container lifting solution?

  • Single person operation
  • 20 Minute container turnaround time
  • Offload and reload up to 35 ton containers – anywhere
  • Modular design for simple maintenance
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who should use this loading solution?

The container lifting system is ideal for anyone who needs to load containers with heavy goods at ground level.

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