what are trailer skate pallet automatic solutions?

Get a cost-effective solution for streamlining your long-distance factory and warehouse shuttle operations with Joloda’s Hydraroll Trailer Skate ®. Our innovative truck skate system fully loads a 13.6 metre semi-trailer with a maximum load of up to 30 tons in less than 4 minutes.

Relying on a strong chain drive system equipped with 4 x 13.6 metre skates mounted on the floor of your docking bay, these skates are elevated and propelled by powerful pneumatics, transferring cargo and loads from your warehouse into a truck with one shot.

The system comes with varied safety features, including solid-steel channels on your dock floor to seamlessly guide the skate back and forth, and a non-slip surface between the channels to support pallets.

2C. Trailerskate 2C. Trailerskate

why choose a trailer skate pallet automatic solution?

  • Automatic Vehicle Loading in less than 5 minutes with minimal vehicle modification
  • Significant reductions in forklifts possible in loading bay
  • Reduced product damage
  • Minimal trailer modifications allow maximum payloads
  • Fail-safe manual skate back up system
2C. Trailerskate 2C. Trailerskate

who should use these loading solutions?

If you're moving high volume goods for shuttle distances over 5okm, then let us lighten your load with our trailer skate loading solution.  Our systems are used in food and drink, fast moving consumer goods and the paper industry for moving paper reels both standing up and lying down.

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case study

Trailerskate system supports DHL, Cannock expansion

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Manual Loading Solutions

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Automatic loading in under 5 minutes, with minimal modifications required.

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Fast efficient loading, 26 pallets in 2 minutes.

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Reduces use of forklifts in and around loading bays, fail safe manual skate back up system.

want to lighten your load?

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