what are moving floor conveyor solutions?

Our moving floor is a lightweight, flexible slat conveyor for trailer and dock, making loading and unloading safer and more efficient.

With Joloda Hydraroll’s innovative truck loading conveyor system, you can enhance your packing and transportation systems. The mobile slat flooring is ideal for transporting any palletised, non-palletised or crate-based goods from your warehouse into your trucks with ease.

Eliminating the need for forklifts or human foot traffic, these systems reduce the chances of items getting damaged in transit, while employees avoid overexertion and accidents whilst moving goods.

Moving Floor 5 Moving Floor 5

why choose a moving floor conveyor solution?

  • De-manned operation – only one man and a fork truck needed
  • A flat slat moving floor allows you to handle any pallets, stillages or loose parcels with total flexibility
  • Load and offload cargos up to 30 tons anywhere with dual power supply – switch between 3-phase mains and 24v – truck battery
  • Full utilisation of payload and cube through low height and low weight moving floor design
  • Minimises product damage
  • A fail safe manual back-up system is incorporated
  • No movement of loads during transit
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who should use these loading solutions?

This system is designed for all customers moving drums, kegs, paper reels, pallets and loose packages. It is widely used in the whisky industry for moving barrels and the automotive industry for tyres and wheels.

case study

Moving spirits safely, with McPhersons

Take a look at how McPherson's used our moving floor to move their spirits safely.

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