Land and sea cargo are still the most favourable options due to cost, however, transportation of goods by air is considered as the quickest and unhindered transport modes.  Aircargo industries represent 35% of the worlds trade by value and 1% by volume, transporting 900,000 ULD’s. Aircargo volumes continue to grow and with the demand for consumer goods ever increasing, the need to move cargo around the world quickly is more important than ever.

Capacity in the sector is challenged as a result of Covid 19 and could be an obstacle to growth in volumes..  Therefore, creating an efficient supply chain is now more important than ever to cargo airlines and logistics providers.


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How do Joloda Hydraroll rollerbed systems transform my cargo loading process?

With its specific loading technology for handling air cargo and airplane pallets, Joloda Hydraroll has played a global leading role in this industry for over 40 years. Being the preferred partner for most global freight forwarders, transport and logistics companies, the Hydraroll branded rollerbed systems are renowned around the world and found at all major airports and cargo handling hubs.

The pneumatic rise & fall rollerbed technology of Hydraroll comes in many versions for this specific industry. The built-in roller tracks for trucks and trailers is the standard for many transport companies and trailer builders. These systems come in manual and powered versions. The modular rollerbed systems allow our users to quickly upgrade its fleet by simply retrofitting rollerbed systems in existing vehicles. And with our rollerbed solutions for warehouses we now also offer the possibility to upgrade any warehouse floor into an air cargo handling terminal without having to do any civil works!        

All Hydraroll rollerbed solutions allow our customers to handle all air cargo pallets and containers used in this industry; both the standard and special versions.


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why use roller track for aircargo loading?

  • Manual and powered systems available
  • Full range of different rollertrack types available; according to application and vehicle type
  • System available for vans, trucks, trailers and warehouse floors 
  • Built-in systems and retrofit versions
  • Retrofit solutions allow vehicle conversions within a few hours
  • Systems come standard with safety features such as pallet stops and autodown roller lowering
  • Control philosophy allows for single-person operation
  • Rollerbed technology results in reduced loading times, reduced maintenance costs and reduced forklift damage











which products can help me?

built-in rollerbed system

Powered Cargo Roller System

Modular Rollerbed Systems

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