Jan De Rijk, Netherlands, Built in Rollerbed

Our rollertrack systems were specified by Jan De Rijk to improve efficiency of loading/unloading aircargo shipments of flowers.

P. Smets & Zn, Netherlands, Modular Rollerbed - Van

P. Smets company specified our modular rollerbed system to improve loading efficiency from their warehouse to store.

Bonded Warehouse, Netherlands, Modular Rollerbed-Warehouse

Our modular rollerbed system for warehouses, was specified by Bonded Warehouse, to improve efficiency of managing large amounts of aircargo stock due to the boom in ecommerce.

EDT Express Liege Airport Modular Rollerbed Warehouse

EDT Express needed a quick and safe solution to move their high volumes of aircargo around their warehouse.

Fed Ex Netherlands Built in Rollerbed

Fed Ex have been fitting rollertrack in their trailers for over 15 years now to move their aircargo safely and more efficiently.

Patinter, Portugal, Built in & Modular Rollerbed

Patinter were looking for a partner that could provide a loading solution that was safe, quick, and controlled.

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